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Know about our Web Application

Over the past decade or more, the web has been embraced by millions of companies as an economical medium to communicate and exchange useful information that has prospects and transactions with customers. Specifically, the web offers a way for marketers to get to know the people visiting their websites and start communicating with them. This can be done by subscribing to the newsletters, submitting application form, requesting information for better browsing experience, etc. The internet is also a great and a vast channel for pitching sales. All of this data needs to be stored, captured, processed and transmitted for future use and reference. Web applications allow you to do so. In the form of enquiry, submit query, login forms, shopping carts, content management systems, widgets and many things more web applications ensure that the online presence of a company last long and builds more profitable relationship.

What is Web Application?

Web applications are computer programs that allow website visitors to submit and retrieve data from/to the database over the Internet using a preferred web browser. The data is presented to the user in their favorite browser as information is generated on a dynamic platform and in a specific format by the web application through the web server. The web browser is the universal key for web application. It helps to run and interpret the scripts of these web applications. Web applications can be purchased from any reputed developer or can be made in house. As the number of businesses embraces the benefits of doing business in the 21st century style (i.e. over the web), the use of web applications is growing. Moreover, the use of extranet and intranet has entrenched the use of web applications in any organizations communication infrastructure.

Vrious Types of Web Application:

SZI Technologies works on variable kind of web applications to deliver its clients with highly functional, responsive, user friendly and beautiful websites. These web applications are compatible with all web browsers. The expert professionals working at SZI (Syed Zafar Imam) Technologies are always eager and active in implementing any kind of web application according to the wishes and demands of clients. Today the market is filled with advanced tools and scripts like ASP, PHP, HTML, and Javascript for web applications. These applications create wonders when used for making dynamic pages and websites.

OUR Team:

SZI Technologies has a team of excellent web programmers and designers who are adept at delivering highly interactive websites that come with inbuilt web applications. They also offer custom applications on client's demands and requirements. We offer developments that are error free and smooth. If you want to build a new web application or if you want to integrate it to your web design, SZI Technologies is there for you. We guarantee to deliver supreme web applications for establishing your brand identity. For more information contact us today.